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holidaysactiveI had wanted to go on a holiday for a long time now. Discovering new places, meeting new people, and having new experiences was like rediscovering myself. What I liked most about vacations was walking miles and miles and exploring the every last corner of a place, which you will not normally do on a beach holiday. So yes, active holidays were definitely my idea of an ideal vacation. I had been on short getaways before, where I had to find bike tours and sporting activities to get the adrenaline flowing. I decided to look for vacations that were dedicated to the activities that I love and so I was glad I took the time to really search. It only took a few minutes to come across this website which was dedicated to helping people find active holidays all around the world.

The portal was a one stop shop for finding all the holidays that were geared around some kind of an activity. Biking, kayaking and trekking were just some of the activities holiday that appealed to me. What was impressive about the site was that it was just a matter of a few clicks to find the perfect vacation that I was after. I decided to go with kayaking as it was something I really wanted to try. Soon enough I came across a Dordogne trip with canoeing on one of France’s most stunning waterways. The active holiday was designed for beginners looking for a combination of leisure as well as fun. The canoeing was listed as being simple and not too demanding. It was the perfect way for one to explore and take in the beauty of the area. France is well known for its chateaux and medieval villages and this stretch of Dordogne had plenty to offer the curious traveller. One could even opt for biking tours on rest days, which is another reason it appealed to me.

I decided to go ahead and ask for a complete breakdown of the cost. The representatives were very friendly and patiently explained everything, answering all of my queries. Finally, everything was booked and I grew more excited as the day of my departure drew near. I would really like to congratulate the Active Holidays staff for their amazing management and organization. Right from the word go I was kept well informed and assisted with everything I needed.

I could not have asked for a better vacation. The location was absolutely stunning, the service exceptional and my adventure canoeing was simply unforgettable. I would really like to recommend this service to all holiday makers and those looking to book a holiday. Get off of the beaten track and experience active holidays. One may be forgiven to think that such a trip could be exhausting. However, on the contrary, it was a calming experience and really helped me to relieve a lot of stress. The biking and canoeing not only helped me to be at one with nature but also spend time that was relaxing. Visit the website of Holidays Active Ltd and find some very interesting options that will suit your budget.



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