Take a Break- Indulge in a Trip to Machu Picchu

Take a Break- Indulge in a Trip to Machu PicchuThere comes a time in your life when you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and get away to some place quiet. A long trip to Machu Picchu was all it took for me to feel alive and active once again. I wanted to visit a place which apart from having its scenic beauty intact was also an archaeological site. I visited the Inca city in Peru for the same reason. The sacred Inca city built in the high Andes had been hidden from people for centuries. In today’s date it is the most spectacular and popular tourist destinations.

A terraced citadel with the remains of temples, palaces, fountains and altars is what defines Machu Picchu precisely. The place truly is an architectural marvel and was built by the Incas. I lived in a hotel from where I could see the whole place and its magnificent infrastructure. Since it was a tourist destination they organized different kinds of activities for visitors. These included trekking, hiking, paragliding and so on. After trekking Machu Picchu I thought of heading to someplace else in Peru.  Before packing my backpack I had researched about Peru and learnt that there is more to the place than Machu Picchu.

Immediately after I explored Machu Picchu I headed out to travel around the Amazon Rainforest. A lot of unknown and interesting facts came across as I began my journey to discover the place. Peru had the second largest amount of Amazon Rainforest after Brazil. It covers about 60% of the country thereby creating a diverse and unique ecosystem that gets combined with the potent Andean Mountain range and the vast Pacific Ocean. Although you can travel to the rainforest by road but it is usually recommended to fly to the region because of a rough road infrastructure.

Hiking was never my kind of thing. Despite that fact I did not want to miss witnessing the beauty of the Colca Canyon. It had extravagant scenery and along with it the Colca Canyon was apparently twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, United States. The walls of the Colca Canyon although were not as vertical and dramatic as that of the Grand Canyon. It is also well known to be home of the rare Andean Condor, a giant bird with the largest wing span of any land bird. In case you do not want to devote too much time to this place it is recommended to book overnight Peruvian treks for your convenience. I although wanted to spend some more time and get to know the place more.

One of the activities that I really enjoyed doing was sand boarding. I sand boarded the giant dunes of Huacachina. It is located a little outside on the city and I took a bus till the destination. It took me ten hours to reach. The desert village was built around a small lake with sand dunes covering it. The lake was completely natural and was taken care of by the people of the village. The place indeed has become a major tourist attraction for its sand boarding and dune buggy rides.


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