Experience London’s finest tourist attractions affordably

london.iventurecardLondon is perhaps the most famous city in Europe, apart from Paris and Milan- the two other very famous cities. Anyway, one of the reasons London is really famous is because of the numerous tourist destinations it has to offer. Furthermore, this city does not have a shortage of exceptional dining joints plus really amazing shopping centers. How will royalty shop if there is no amazing place to do the shopping? This is why London is a place worth visiting at least twice in a lifetime.

There are so many tourist attractions in London that will keep you preoccupied while you are in the city. Rest assured that you will never die of boredom when you visit London. The only problem you might experience is paying a fortune to visit these places. London is a really costly city and without proper planning you might find yourself spending all your savings touring the city.

Facts about London

You can never visit all the best attractions in London in a day and not even a week. There are so many places that you should visit if you ever want to claim you have been to London. These places include:

  • Madame Tussauds London
  • London Eye
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Thames River

Well, some of these are definitely easier to visit but others are awfully costly and just too complex to visit.

Another fact you should know about London is that you need the iVenture Card if you want to save up huge amounts of cash on touring. This is your key to touring the best of London’s attractions without going bankrupt afterwards.

With this London attraction pass you are opened to a world of adventure. Indeed it is the card for adventurous individuals. There is no way you can spend all your days cooked up in your hotel room while you can experience London’s amazing attractions.

Saving up on vacations in London

The first thing you need to do is get this card and then select a package that you want to procure. There are two packages available for purchase. The London Flexi Pass gives you the chance to obtain ticket packages of 3, 5, 7 or even 10 tickets that you can redeem at any participating venue.

The all-inclusive pass is even better. It will allow you to visit so many places in a week and you do not have to hustle too much. You simply do plenty of planning on the places you want to visit and get yourself there. With this pass, you do not have to take part in the queuing activity that is carried out a lot at the best London tourist attractions. You are allowed to walk up to the front of the queue, swipe your card and you gain entry.

How much do you get to save when you use the iVenture Card? This card allows you to save as much as 40% off the usual charges at London’s tourist hotspots. Evidently, with this card you get to tour London’s bets places.


To enquire about iVenture Card London or make a booking contact iVenture Card UK Ltd
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Come and Discover Innumerable Exciting Things to Do In Bangkok

bangkokattractionsBangkok is a wonderful city filled with joys and surrounded by beaches everywhere. The eclectic food service is what makes a head turn amidst the beautiful coastal view. I have planned my honeymoon with my beloved wife in Bangkok and I am happy about the decision I made. Those who still have not yet decided where to go on a honeymoon trip must make Bangkok as their memorable destination.  You only go on a honeymoon once and it should be a stupendous experience. It is the only time where I get to spend quality and cherished time with my better half. I made sure that I planned for an unforgettable for trip for both of us. There are a number of sightseeing packages provided by travel agents, which makes way for many things to do in Bangkok.

The ambience at one of the sky bar lounge is something I will never experience anywhere in the world. The higher the bars are the better the views are and trust my words this city has the best sky bars. The best sky bars Bangkok allows tourists to get the best view of the entire city. A panoramic view, which gives you 360-degree city view, enthralled my wife completely. She always wanted to come and visit a place where there is no one to interrupt our private space. In addition, the cocktails and the vivid range of drinks served with mellow background music transforms the atmosphere into something very fairy tale.

Women will be women and my wife possesses all the traits of one. On the third day, I came to know that she is a shopaholic woman. This is why we decided to spend a whole day only for purchasing stuffs from the nearby vicinity. We were spoilt for the various options of malls being erected there. From books to trending fashion elements, everything was so contemporary. There were vivid ranges for upcoming fashion zeal and this was all possible with Bangkok shopping guide. The shoppers there have a never-ending list of items to purchase. Ladies have this extraordinary fervor for buying goods. Although, most of them which will be used only once in their lifetime.

We were never stranded on a particular place. Our trip was pre-planned and it had been arranged at some of the best hotels we could afford. The top ten hotels of Bangkok are mentioned in the internet and accordingly we made our itinerary. We were pleasant to see that this city has so much to offer as it much its food has to offer. One can expect luxury hotels’ serving you with best package offers that is worth your money. I found it to be economical to expend on the reservations made via online.  I could not just let my beautiful stay ruin it by booking a cheap abode at an unnoticed location. The scenic view complimented our stay at this super swanky hotel. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip. We are definitely looking forward to come back and visit Bangkok sometime sooner. It has a great selection of hotels to come and reside for a good week’s trip.


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How to undertake a well managed London tours?

london.iventurecardWell managed London tours can be made through the help of an efficient travel service provider. The travel agency will let you make the most of your time, effort and money. There are number of travel destinations which are filled with visitors all through the years. London has great potential to attract local as well as international visitors because of its historical and magnificent political significance. When you plan your visit, it should happen in an effortless manner.

Great convenience – When you get access to the travel card, there will be great convenience. London tourist attractions can be covered very easily with the help of a travel pass. There will be saving to the extent of 40% on admission fee.

Planned strategy – You can opt for a package of your choice which include 3, 5 7 and 10 tickets. The all inclusive daily pack will give you exceptional value. The sightseeing can be accomplished without any delay. The colorful guide and online map will help you plan the itinerary without any issues.

Saving potential – The London attraction pass has great saving potential. The saving potential is to the extent of 40% on admission fee alone. There will be a complimentary breakfast or lunch which can be booked at a dining establishment of your choice.

No cash required – As you carry the tourist pass, it is possible to cover multiple tourist attractions in London in the shsortest possible time. The attractions can be planned as per your convenience. There will be something special for each and every member of the team.

When you possess the travel pass, you can cover must-see attractions in London without fail.  You will have great flexibility to choose top attractions. There will be unlimited fun as well as huge savings. You can carry the card very easily. The smart card will be similar to the credit card which will have an in-built chip. All your information will be saved in the card so that you can make the most of your investment.

The price of the ticket varies as the number of attractions that you will visit. It is based on the number of consecutive days that you would like to cover through the travel pass. In order to make the most of the holidays, you can go through the sample itineraries so that attractions can be visited in an efficient manner. The top attractions which can be covered through travel pass include EDF Energy London Eye, Tower of London, Madame Tussauds London, Kensington Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Full day tours can be planned to Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath. You can have great lunch at Planet Hollywood and breakfast can be planned at Tuttons. If you are not able to visit all attractions as part of your package, you can redeem them towards meals at select restaurants. It is also possible to book theater tickets through the travel card. Thus, you will not want to carry cash to carryout multiple transactions.

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Gold Coast and Brisbane Tourist Attractions-So Much in Store for you

I wished to get away from the daily hustle of the city life. It seemed to be taking a toll over my body, it would fall sick quite often. Perhaps a little break was what I had been longing for. This was it, I called in a few frustrated friends as well and planned an all guys holiday, leaving out the girlfriends for once. We planned a trip to Australia, far far away from home, just like we wanted it. A friend had been to Brisbane sometime earlier and had invested in the gold coast and Brisbane attraction pass. He had suggested that we invest in the same too, given the fact that it certainly did bring down his expenses so much more. Even though we had just about a week to explore the city, I would like to give in a list of a few gold coast and Brisbane tourist attractions that we opted for through the week:

  • Cedar creek
  • Gold coast island
  • Harbor town
  • Putt Putt golf
  • Thunderbird park
  • Kayake
  • Workshop rail museum
  • Story bridge
  • Several cruises
  • Jet boating
  • Hot air balloon, this was tagged along with breakfast and champagne
  • Day trip at Stradbroke island
  • White water world theme park
  • Australia Zoo

The above were a few to mention, although, I made sure to check with the site’s validity before investing in tourist attractions in gold coast and Brisbane. I could not risk with the investment.

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Here are a few of some of the best places to visit during Australia Day Tours

australia.sightseeing-daytoursMelbourne is the second largest city in Australia after Sydney. This city is a popular stop for visitors experiencing different attractions in Australia. Located on the Yarra River, this sophisticated city draws many features including shops, restaurants, galleries, theaters, and a conspicuously European feel. There are botanical gardens, which offer many species of plants. The Melbourne cricket ground is a major sports feature where fans watch cricket in times of summer and the Australian Rules football during winter season.

On the Bourke Street, there is the elegant Royal Arcade, which is flocked by many visitors. During their visit to Melbourne, visitors can explore many attractions through organized Australia day tours. Below are some of the attractions to visit.

Royal Botanic Gardens

In the heart of green looking parkland that extends southwards of the Yarra River is the Royal Botanic Gardens. It is only situated a short distance from the central business district. The gardens were established in 1846 and they are rated as among the finest in the world. These gardens cover an area of about 40 hectares and are believed to have more than 50,000 plants including some rare species.

More than 1.5 people visit these gardens every year. The Aboriginal Heritage Walk is organized to show the rich heritage of the indigenous people of Australia.

Federation Square

Opened in 2002, the Federation Square was meant to celebrate 100 years of federation. While there were people who loved it, others didn’t like it, but with all that controversy, it has become an important part of the city. It is among the great places that tourists can visit.

With modern open and closed spaces, they bring contrast on the Victorian architectural building. More than 2,000 events are held in this building each year, and tourists can be able to find some entertainment within the intimate indoor venues or the outdoor performances. It is also the place that houses the Ian Potter Gallery, which is dedicated to art of Australia. This is one attraction you would want to explore during the Australia sightseeing tours.

Melbourne Zoo

This zoo rests in an area of 22 hectares and it backs back in 1862. There are 320 species of different animals residing in some of the best enclosures. Just five minutes drive from the city center, this zoo offers you an opportunity to discover many species living in a beautifully landscaped habitat. As you stroll through the African and Asian rainforests, you will see monkeys swinging from the branches, and tigers roaming through the trees.

You can stop to have an eye-to-eye experience with the beautiful orangutans inhabiting elevated areas. The Trail of the Elephants is an award-winning feature that is part of the highlights you expect to encounter here. Visitors can view koalas, kangaroos, platypus, and wombats among other many native wildlife species in this Australian bush environment.

There are many attractions that you can explore when in Melbourne. With Australia day tours, you have the chance to sample out many of these attractions.


Australia Sightseeing Day Tours
Sightseeing Day Tours
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Expect amazing lounge facilities through best deals Business Class

iflyfirstclassCertain business deals call for urgent flying. Cost cutting under such circumstances becomes impossible, especially considering the high demands for reservation. Many a times, I have had to put my meetings to hold, simply to grab the last seat on a flight. My luck finally took a turn when I came across a booking agency that promised to book a cheap business class flight for me at one instance. I have been flying in and out of the country through their services ever since.

Some of my colleagues were against the idea of resorting to cheap deals. They warned me against the temptation, stating that cheap deals always meant compromise in terms of services. I assured them that such was not the case, that the airline facilities were as they should be. Since they refused to agree, I decided to take them on a brief trip to one of our firms across the state.

It turned out that we had some business to attend to after all. I contacted the agency immediately to get us best deals business class on an urgent basis. Our private chauffeur left us at the entry point of the terminal where the joyride began. As soon as we entered the premises, we were ushered into an exquisite waiting lounge by a team of sophisticated-looking concierges. While they helped us with our luggage, I devoted some time speaking to one of them about the facilities that we were to expect further. The concierge was kind enough to direct a couple of amenities within the lounge. The seating area was plush with reclining sofas and sleek glass tables that were to hold some delectable cocktails. The airport was known for its pubs and I was looking forward to exploring them. My colleagues who had long gone repented their statements, readily agreed to make the best of the luxuries provided at the terminal.

We lounged for about an hour in the pub, washing down some beer to soak in the relaxed ambience of its interiors. Our next spot of relaxation was a spa lounge, operated by one of the well known franchises in the world. We were amazed at how a cheap business class ticket gave us the opportunity to explore such amazing facilities. The massages ensured that our nerves were calm before boarding the flight. Even if we met with untimely turbulence, it would not matter as we were well prepared for it in advance.

Soon, it was time to board the flight. Business class passengers were allowed in first, followed by the first class and economy class passengers. My team and I were one of the first flyers to go on board. Our seating was as comfortable as it looked, with spacious enclosures to ensure absolute privacy. For a while, I had forgotten that I had co-flyers with me. The flight took off on time and since then, my colleagues and I received an array of facilities for a comfortable flying experience. Towards the end, we all had fond memories of the flight, with utmost gratitude towards the booking agency for making this possible.

Julia Graft is author of this article on cheap business class flight. Find more information about best deals business class.


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Book Danang Tour Package Online From a Reputed Travel Agent

danangtourtravelWhile planning a vacation trip, the first thing you would check for is a place with numerous attractions. With so many attractive destinations across the globe, it is a tough call to choose one best from the list. You will ideally compare based on the number and kind of attractions these popular destinations have to offer and accordingly make a decision. This again depends on whom you are going with. If you are going alone, you would like to go to explore a lot and so will accordingly opt for a place. When you go with friends, you will want a city that gives you a mix of adventure and fun night experiences. If the trip is with your family, you may go to a relaxing place along with some sightseeing spots. Some destinations offer specific kind of experiences while there are others who bring to you a mix of all these experiences. In any case, immaterial of the place you visit, it is always better to be prepared beforehand. Getting stranded in a new city is no good. Deciding on your accommodation or local transport once you reach a new place does not make sense as you may not surely find good arrangements. Pre-planning is always safer. This is why it is best to book packages in advance. For this, you can check for reputed websites who offer travel packages for Danang tour.

Da Nang is known across the globe for its rich cultural attractions. The folk culture highlights various folk songs, dancing, boat racing and some traditional festivals. The place has a lot to offer which you can enjoy in your vacation trip. All this is possible only if you have the trip planned well. Convenience is the first aspect you would want on a trip. There is no point in making your family struggle once you have reached the new place. To make it hassle-free, take the help of Danang travel agents who offer various packages to make the stay convenient and easy. These packages take care of your accommodation and travel. There are packages for national park, sanctuary, ancient town, island tour, beaches. There are ones for different number of days.

It is important to make all your bookings through a reputed Danang tours agent ensure that they give you good accommodation facilities. The best way is to compare the services offered by different agents. You can check this based on numerous packages provided along with the benefits you gain from each package. When it comes to a travel package, you would want something that fits your budget. You can compare various packages and the pricing charged for it. Based on all these, you can opt for the best agent. Ensure to book through an agent who has been in the service for a long time and has a good track record of organizing the best trips for people. Check if the website is recommended by popular travel planning agencies. It is essential to get complete detailed information about the place of stay and cost before purchasing any package for better safety.

Mr Yo is author of this article on Danang travel.Find more information about Danang tours.


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