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iflyfirstclassCertain business deals call for urgent flying. Cost cutting under such circumstances becomes impossible, especially considering the high demands for reservation. Many a times, I have had to put my meetings to hold, simply to grab the last seat on a flight. My luck finally took a turn when I came across a booking agency that promised to book a cheap business class flight for me at one instance. I have been flying in and out of the country through their services ever since.

Some of my colleagues were against the idea of resorting to cheap deals. They warned me against the temptation, stating that cheap deals always meant compromise in terms of services. I assured them that such was not the case, that the airline facilities were as they should be. Since they refused to agree, I decided to take them on a brief trip to one of our firms across the state.

It turned out that we had some business to attend to after all. I contacted the agency immediately to get us best deals business class on an urgent basis. Our private chauffeur left us at the entry point of the terminal where the joyride began. As soon as we entered the premises, we were ushered into an exquisite waiting lounge by a team of sophisticated-looking concierges. While they helped us with our luggage, I devoted some time speaking to one of them about the facilities that we were to expect further. The concierge was kind enough to direct a couple of amenities within the lounge. The seating area was plush with reclining sofas and sleek glass tables that were to hold some delectable cocktails. The airport was known for its pubs and I was looking forward to exploring them. My colleagues who had long gone repented their statements, readily agreed to make the best of the luxuries provided at the terminal.

We lounged for about an hour in the pub, washing down some beer to soak in the relaxed ambience of its interiors. Our next spot of relaxation was a spa lounge, operated by one of the well known franchises in the world. We were amazed at how a cheap business class ticket gave us the opportunity to explore such amazing facilities. The massages ensured that our nerves were calm before boarding the flight. Even if we met with untimely turbulence, it would not matter as we were well prepared for it in advance.

Soon, it was time to board the flight. Business class passengers were allowed in first, followed by the first class and economy class passengers. My team and I were one of the first flyers to go on board. Our seating was as comfortable as it looked, with spacious enclosures to ensure absolute privacy. For a while, I had forgotten that I had co-flyers with me. The flight took off on time and since then, my colleagues and I received an array of facilities for a comfortable flying experience. Towards the end, we all had fond memories of the flight, with utmost gratitude towards the booking agency for making this possible.

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