A Magnificent yet Active Holidays Trip with Outdoor Sports

holidaysactiveThe thought of spending a holiday with a small form of workout is absolutely delightful. My sister and I are into serious workout regimen also we both love exploring new places.  We wanted to go on an eclectic and active holidays something that was unusual. For this we both made a fantastic plan of visiting Bath, a city rich in its cultural and historic heritage. Since travelling was our first priority over anything else we both were equally excited on knowing about the fun way of exploring a place. We both were had completed our college and looking for some adventures to make up for the lost time.

Through one of her friends she came to know about a website, that offer fun filled trip with a touch of some extracurricular activities. The idea behind running such business is to make holiday even more fun filled without having the traveller to look for different options. I have heard many people go on a holiday and then end up wasting half the time in search of a guide or explore selected places. On hearing such reviews about planning holiday with a travel agent we logged online to search for exclusive services.

Today we know where to log in whenever we want to plan our next outing. I am on the plans of taking my boyfriend for a surprise visit canoeing and kayaking together. The whole idea of being together with your loved one and engage in outdoor active holidays meant spending quality time. Not all travelling websites offer such kind of a facility. The website indeed provided with an excellent facility to its customers. When we first browsed through the website we were taken by surprise with this concept and immediately booked for Bath and Heritage holiday.

Our tour turned out to be a merrier one, with four day walks amidst the beautiful and verdant countryside. A majestic trip such as this would never be fading from our memory. She and I had the best time waking up early in the morning, meeting new people and heading to new spots. The sights we got to view were fascinating. I was sure, had we planned for a group trip in a luxury bus, we would never view such scenic beauty spread across the woods. Trekking to an Iron Age fort on the peak of White Street Hill was a terrific experience.

Our travelling dream to explore the world after our studies came true which totally gave us a new concept of active holidays. Neither of us had imagined that we would be having a jolly good time walking in the Georgian city or in the Avon Valley. The last time we had been to a trip with our family was a complete chaos. We did not have any clue what was in our itinerary, neither did we explored anything new. This was something new, a unique experience, a one of its kind. Strolling in the nature’s lap without having to worry about getting lost was a relief. This was because of a bunch of other travellers along with us.

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